Paleo Works Menu!


Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Walnut Hills Farm Italian Sausage Meat Sauce

Chicken Stew with Squash Kale and Sweet Potatoes

Both come with

Savory Coconut/Almond Flour Muffin and Fruit Cup

K-Bar grainless Granola Bars

Almond Joyz

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Deadline For Registration Changes is 9/7

OE black

The Women’s shirts run very small, so we are changing all sizes up one. If you DO NOT want your shirt size changed, please email by tomorrow at midnight. We are also extending the deadline for division changes to tomorrow (9/7) at midnight.

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“Flip Flop” WOD standards

“Flip Flop” presented by

Warrior color
Warrior will be onsite for pre/post sports massage. Winners of the WOD from each division will receive a gift certificate for a complimentary massage.

4 minute AMRAP:
60 Wall Balls (30/20/14)
Max Effort KB swings (70/53/35)
2 minute break
4 minute AMRAP:
60 KB Swings (70/53/35)
Max Effort Wall Balls (30/20/14)

WOD Standards: Athletes may switch as needed but must tag out at the designated plate. All levels of men will throw to a 10ft target; all levels of women will throw to a 9ft target. Weights are as follows:
ALL Rx men (even those on mixed teams) = 30# WB, 70# KB
ALL Scaled men and ALL Rx women (even those on mixed teams) = 20# WB, 53# KB
ALL Scaled women (even those on mixed teams) = 14# WB, 35# KB

Teams will be scored by total reps completed. Tie-breakers will include the time taken to complete 60 reps of the initial movement at the start of each 4 minute AMRAP.

Wall ball standards: Movement begins in a full squat with the hip crease below the knee and as the athlete stands up the ball is thrown at the target. The ball must clearly hit above the designated height (10ft men/9ft women). Each time the athlete receives the medicine ball, they must squat to full depth before they can toss the ball to the target.

Kettlebell swing standards: At the top of the swing, the athlete’s arms must be fully extended and ears showing in front of arms. The knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows must be in vertical line. The base of the kettlebell must be pointed towards the sky. A portion of the kettlebell must pass between the legs before the start of the next swing. NO DROPPING OF THE KETTLEBELLS! If an athlete drops a kettlebell, a 5 burpee penalty for both athletes will be enforced immediately.

Please email with any further questions. I will edit this post to clarify any questions. Please re-read this post before emailing me. Thanks:)



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“Unbroken” WOD standards

Unbroken – presented by RipFix


6 minute AMRAP:
20 yard Sandbag carry
Max Effort UNBROKEN Chest to Bar Pull-ups (Scaled = Pull-ups)

Athlete 1 will begin by carrying sandbag the length of the turf to the rig and placing the sandbag in the designated area. Athlete 1 will then complete as many unbroken chest to bar pull-ups as possible (without taking hands off of the bar). Once the athlete comes off the bar, he/she must return to the start with his/her sandbag, placing the sandbag on the designated box. Partner 2 will then repeat. Athletes may not pass the sandbag to one another, it must be exchanged by placing it on the box, and the other athlete picking it up for the carry. Athletes will continue to alternate for 6 minutes. If an athlete is unable to perform the respective movement, he/she must still carry the sandbag the length of the turf, touching his/her foot to the black matted area, then return the sandbag to the designated box. Athlete does not have to set the sandbag down. Weight for the sandbag is 80# for ALL Rx division and 40# for ALL Scaled division.

Chest-to-bar pull up standards: The athlete will begin the movement in a dead hang position with the arms fully extended. He/she will pull themselves to the bar where the chest must TOUCH the bar at the clavicle or below. Arms must fully extended at the bottom of each pull up.

Pull up standards: The athlete will begin the movement in a dead hang position with the arms fully extended. He/she will pull themselves to the bar where the chin must clear the top plane of the bar. Arms must fully extended at the bottom of each pull up.

Please email any further questions to I will be editing this post to clarify any other questions, so please be sure to re-read this post before emailing me. Thanks:)


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“Two Minute Tangos” WOD standards

Two Minute Tangos – presented by 


Each team will have two minutes to perform as many reps as possible at each station. There will be a 1 minute rest between stations. Each team will be ranked on each individual station. The rankings for each of the 5 stations will be totaled, and the teams will be ranked off of that total for a final ranking on the “Two Minute Tangos”.

Max Double Unders
Burpee box jump overs (30/24/20)
Max L-sit holds
Sled drag your partner
Partner Yoke Carry

Double-Under standards: Each team will have one station and one judge. Double-Unders must be performed on the mat. Athletes will jump up and the rope must pass under the feet twice. The movement counts each time their feet return to the ground. Rx divisions must perform double-unders, scaled divisions may do singles but will be ranked below any team performing double-unders. Both team members MUST perform the same movement. (If athlete 1 performs singles, athlete 2 must perform singles as well.) Athletes may switch as needed. Both athletes do not need to perform the movement.

Burpee box jump overs: Each team will have one box. (Men Rx = 30″, Women Rx, Mixed Rx, Men’s Scaled = 24″, Mixed Scaled, Women’s Scaled = 20″) The athlete performing the movement will lower his/her body to the ground, making contact with his/her chest and thighs. He/she will then push themselves up and Rx division must JUMP onto the box while Scaled division may step onto the box. However, for both division, BOTH feet MUST make contact with the box. Athletes DO NOT have to show full extension of the hips on top of the box. The athlete will then exit the box on the opposite side to complete the rep. The rep is counted when the athlete is over the box, and his/her feet have made contact with the ground. Athletes may switch out as needed, but switching is not required.

Max hold L-sits on paralletes: Each team will have one set of paralletes and one judge with a stop watch. *Standard change: we have removed the 45# plate. The judge will start the stopwatch when athlete 1 raises his/her feet off of the GROUND. The athlete will hold the L-sit position for as long as possible. The legs must be extended, but there may be a bend in the knee. The heels of the athlete must extend beyond the vertical post of the parallettes to the front of the athlete. Athletes may NOT sit in a tucked position, or rest hips on hands or paralletes. Athletes must be suspended by only the arms. Hands must be placed within a designated area on the paralletes. Once the athlete fails, which will be indicated by his/her foot touching the ground, or when the heels move inside of the vertical legs of the paralletes, the judge will stop the stopwatch, and the athletes must switch. Athlete 2 will then perform the same hold for as long as possible, restarting the stop watch. The team will have the entire 2 minutes to accumulate as much hold time as possible, with as many attempts as time allows. Athletes MUST switch after each attempt. An attempt is defined as anytime the judge starts the stopwatch.

Sled drag your partner: Athlete 1 will drag partner 2,who will be sitting on a sled with a chain and handles attached, a set distance. Forward or backward sled drag is permitted. Points will be earned for each marked length completed. Partners MUST switch each time the sled reaches the end of the distance before turning the sled and heading back the other way. The sled may be empty when turning.

Partner Yoke Zercher Carry: Partners will be shoulder to shoulder, and will carry the yoke in the Zercher carry position, as is demonstrated by long-time Talon community members below. The team will earn points for each segment of distance they progress the yoke. Teams are NOT required to perform the movement in their ugly Christmas sweaters. Both athletes must carry the yoke. Weights on the yoke are as follows, and include the 100# yoke: Men’s Rx = 560# (8 45lb plates, 4 25lb plates), Mixed Rx = 460# (8 45lb plates), Men’s Scaled, Mixed Scaled, Women’s Rx = 380# (4 45lb plates, 4 25lb plates), Women’s Scaled = 280# (4 45lb plates). The yoke below is empty and weighs 100#.

partner yoke

Please email any questions to I will edit this post to clarify any further questions as they come in, so please read and re-read the post before emailing me. Thanks:)




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Partner DT -12 minute AMRAP standards

Partner DT – AMRAP 12 minutes…..sponsored by  max_muscle_cool_springs-logo

WOD winning team in EACH division will win a gift certificate to spend at Max Muscle of Cool Springs! A huge thank you to Jamie Free, the man behind Max Muscle, AS WELL AS the man who has been part of two teams (2012 Mixed Rx, 2013 Men’s Rx) to take home the title for our  Takes 2 to Tango event!

*Recently updated…sorry for the confusion on the “power clean” verbiage earlier….this should read better in defining standards.

Partner DT – AMRAP of 12 minutes
12 Deadlifts 155/105/75
9 Hang cleans
6 Push Jerks

WOD standards: Each athlete must complete 1 full round individually
(partner 1 must complete round 1, partner 2 must complete round 2.) After round 2, either partner can complete the following rounds however they desire. After round 2, partners CAN help each other complete rounds, but only one person may have their hands on a bar at a given time. Reps can be divided however team sees fit. We will be using the very secure Hi-Temp clamps for this WOD, so no having to waste valuable WOD time adjusting those clamp!

Deadlift standards: Bar begins on the ground. Athlete must pick the bar up fully extending their knees and hips with shoulders behind the bar. Bumpers must touch the ground in between each rep. Sumo-deadlifts are not permitted – hands must be outside of the legs. Athlete MUST complete the 12th deadlift, reaching full extension of the hips with his/her shoulders behind the bar, before lowering the bar to begin the hang clean movement.

Hang Clean standards: The movement will begin with the bar in a hanging position, approximately between the mid-thigh and knee. The athlete will then clean the bar into a front rack position. The athlete must show full extension of the hips & knees with elbows in front of the bar at the top of the movement.

When transitioning from the 12th deadlift into the 1st hang clean, there must be an obvious lowering, or change of direction, of the bar from the end position of the deadlift, into the start position of the hang clean. Cleans from the floor are not permitted.

Push Jerk (shoulder to overhead) standards: Athlete begins with the bar in the front rack position. They may strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk the weight overhead with the bar stacked directly over the shoulders. At the top of the movement arms, hips, and knees must be fully extended and showing control of the weight. If the athlete chooses to split jerk they must return their feet underneath their hips to complete the rep.

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Tango 2014 WODs!

Ready to see some WODs?!?! Great…but first…

This year’s event has sold out in some divisions, and are getting extremely close in all others. So, if you were one of those that were holding out for the WODs before registering, you may have missed your chance:( You can still register to see if your division has space. If your division is closed, you will be placed on our waiting list and will be notified should a spot open up.

We have some new sponsors this year, as well as our regular favorites! Four of our most supportive sponsors have the information that you have been waiting for! That’s right…by the end of the Labor Day weekend, all 4 WODs will be released on each individual WOD sponsor page. A huge thanks to our WOD sponsors!

Max Muscle presents “Partner DT”

Paleo Works presents “Two Minute Tangos”

RipFix presents “Unbroken”

Warrior Massage presents “Flip-Flop”

If you don’t see the WOD right away on the link, be patient and check back…our sponsors will have them up before the end of the Labor Day weekend.

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Registration is open!

Registration will cost $110 per team until Sunday, August 17th at 10pm.  At that time, registration will increase to $130 per team.  DO NOT DELAY!  We have had several inquiries about this event, it will fill up fast!


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Registration Opening Soon!

Keep watching this site and the Throwdown Series Facebook page for updates!  Spots will fill up fast, so keep checking for our early bird registration.

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