“Flip Flop” WOD standards

“Flip Flop” presented by

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Warrior will be onsite for pre/post sports massage. Winners of the WOD from each division will receive a gift certificate for a complimentary massage.

4 minute AMRAP:
60 Wall Balls (30/20/14)
Max Effort KB swings (70/53/35)
2 minute break
4 minute AMRAP:
60 KB Swings (70/53/35)
Max Effort Wall Balls (30/20/14)

WOD Standards: Athletes may switch as needed but must tag out at the designated plate. All levels of men will throw to a 10ft target; all levels of women will throw to a 9ft target. Weights are as follows:
ALL Rx men (even those on mixed teams) = 30# WB, 70# KB
ALL Scaled men and ALL Rx women (even those on mixed teams) = 20# WB, 53# KB
ALL Scaled women (even those on mixed teams) = 14# WB, 35# KB

Teams will be scored by total reps completed. Tie-breakers will include the time taken to complete 60 reps of the initial movement at the start of each 4 minute AMRAP.

Wall ball standards: Movement begins in a full squat with the hip crease below the knee and as the athlete stands up the ball is thrown at the target. The ball must clearly hit above the designated height (10ft men/9ft women). Each time the athlete receives the medicine ball, they must squat to full depth before they can toss the ball to the target.

Kettlebell swing standards: At the top of the swing, the athlete’s arms must be fully extended and ears showing in front of arms. The knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows must be in vertical line. The base of the kettlebell must be pointed towards the sky. A portion of the kettlebell must pass between the legs before the start of the next swing. NO DROPPING OF THE KETTLEBELLS! If an athlete drops a kettlebell, a 5 burpee penalty for both athletes will be enforced immediately.

Please email Tara@CrossFitTalon.com with any further questions. I will edit this post to clarify any questions. Please re-read this post before emailing me. Thanks:)



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