Partner DT -12 minute AMRAP standards

Partner DT – AMRAP 12 minutes…..sponsored by  max_muscle_cool_springs-logo

WOD winning team in EACH division will win a gift certificate to spend at Max Muscle of Cool Springs! A huge thank you to Jamie Free, the man behind Max Muscle, AS WELL AS the man who has been part of two teams (2012 Mixed Rx, 2013 Men’s Rx) to take home the title for our  Takes 2 to Tango event!

*Recently updated…sorry for the confusion on the “power clean” verbiage earlier….this should read better in defining standards.

Partner DT – AMRAP of 12 minutes
12 Deadlifts 155/105/75
9 Hang cleans
6 Push Jerks

WOD standards: Each athlete must complete 1 full round individually
(partner 1 must complete round 1, partner 2 must complete round 2.) After round 2, either partner can complete the following rounds however they desire. After round 2, partners CAN help each other complete rounds, but only one person may have their hands on a bar at a given time. Reps can be divided however team sees fit. We will be using the very secure Hi-Temp clamps for this WOD, so no having to waste valuable WOD time adjusting those clamp!

Deadlift standards: Bar begins on the ground. Athlete must pick the bar up fully extending their knees and hips with shoulders behind the bar. Bumpers must touch the ground in between each rep. Sumo-deadlifts are not permitted – hands must be outside of the legs. Athlete MUST complete the 12th deadlift, reaching full extension of the hips with his/her shoulders behind the bar, before lowering the bar to begin the hang clean movement.

Hang Clean standards: The movement will begin with the bar in a hanging position, approximately between the mid-thigh and knee. The athlete will then clean the bar into a front rack position. The athlete must show full extension of the hips & knees with elbows in front of the bar at the top of the movement.

When transitioning from the 12th deadlift into the 1st hang clean, there must be an obvious lowering, or change of direction, of the bar from the end position of the deadlift, into the start position of the hang clean. Cleans from the floor are not permitted.

Push Jerk (shoulder to overhead) standards: Athlete begins with the bar in the front rack position. They may strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk the weight overhead with the bar stacked directly over the shoulders. At the top of the movement arms, hips, and knees must be fully extended and showing control of the weight. If the athlete chooses to split jerk they must return their feet underneath their hips to complete the rep.

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