“Two Minute Tangos” WOD standards

Two Minute Tangos – presented by 


Each team will have two minutes to perform as many reps as possible at each station. There will be a 1 minute rest between stations. Each team will be ranked on each individual station. The rankings for each of the 5 stations will be totaled, and the teams will be ranked off of that total for a final ranking on the “Two Minute Tangos”.

Max Double Unders
Burpee box jump overs (30/24/20)
Max L-sit holds
Sled drag your partner
Partner Yoke Carry

Double-Under standards: Each team will have one station and one judge. Double-Unders must be performed on the mat. Athletes will jump up and the rope must pass under the feet twice. The movement counts each time their feet return to the ground. Rx divisions must perform double-unders, scaled divisions may do singles but will be ranked below any team performing double-unders. Both team members MUST perform the same movement. (If athlete 1 performs singles, athlete 2 must perform singles as well.) Athletes may switch as needed. Both athletes do not need to perform the movement.

Burpee box jump overs: Each team will have one box. (Men Rx = 30″, Women Rx, Mixed Rx, Men’s Scaled = 24″, Mixed Scaled, Women’s Scaled = 20″) The athlete performing the movement will lower his/her body to the ground, making contact with his/her chest and thighs. He/she will then push themselves up and Rx division must JUMP onto the box while Scaled division may step onto the box. However, for both division, BOTH feet MUST make contact with the box. Athletes DO NOT have to show full extension of the hips on top of the box. The athlete will then exit the box on the opposite side to complete the rep. The rep is counted when the athlete is over the box, and his/her feet have made contact with the ground. Athletes may switch out as needed, but switching is not required.

Max hold L-sits on paralletes: Each team will have one set of paralletes and one judge with a stop watch. *Standard change: we have removed the 45# plate. The judge will start the stopwatch when athlete 1 raises his/her feet off of the GROUND. The athlete will hold the L-sit position for as long as possible. The legs must be extended, but there may be a bend in the knee. The heels of the athlete must extend beyond the vertical post of the parallettes to the front of the athlete. Athletes may NOT sit in a tucked position, or rest hips on hands or paralletes. Athletes must be suspended by only the arms. Hands must be placed within a designated area on the paralletes. Once the athlete fails, which will be indicated by his/her foot touching the ground, or when the heels move inside of the vertical legs of the paralletes, the judge will stop the stopwatch, and the athletes must switch. Athlete 2 will then perform the same hold for as long as possible, restarting the stop watch. The team will have the entire 2 minutes to accumulate as much hold time as possible, with as many attempts as time allows. Athletes MUST switch after each attempt. An attempt is defined as anytime the judge starts the stopwatch.

Sled drag your partner: Athlete 1 will drag partner 2,who will be sitting on a sled with a chain and handles attached, a set distance. Forward or backward sled drag is permitted. Points will be earned for each marked length completed. Partners MUST switch each time the sled reaches the end of the distance before turning the sled and heading back the other way. The sled may be empty when turning.

Partner Yoke Zercher Carry: Partners will be shoulder to shoulder, and will carry the yoke in the Zercher carry position, as is demonstrated by long-time Talon community members below. The team will earn points for each segment of distance they progress the yoke. Teams are NOT required to perform the movement in their ugly Christmas sweaters. Both athletes must carry the yoke. Weights on the yoke are as follows, and include the 100# yoke: Men’s Rx = 560# (8 45lb plates, 4 25lb plates), Mixed Rx = 460# (8 45lb plates), Men’s Scaled, Mixed Scaled, Women’s Rx = 380# (4 45lb plates, 4 25lb plates), Women’s Scaled = 280# (4 45lb plates). The yoke below is empty and weighs 100#.

partner yoke

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